Monday, November 01, 2010


Here is Michael (on right) in his trick-or-treating costume of a zombie punk skateboarder, along with pal Will dressed in military camouflage and dog "Scout" in the blurry foreground:

What does this have to do with my poetry? Well, the two lads popped up in a work-in-progress of 30-day journal-type writings that I'm doing for Dan Waber's chap/booklet publishing empire. Here's an excerpt(though still in draft form as the language needs to be pushed more):
Yesterday was Halloween -- a day for mini-ninjas, angels, tiara-ed beauty queens, witches, headless traffic, punk skateboarders, soldiers in camouflage, lovers in white suits, No. 1 Dads of the Year, and a daughter who laughed her way through the day in the most care-free way as if worlds never end!

Yesterday, I am writing today, was totally without significance. Just much colorful ado over nothing.

Yesterday was unmitigated Joy.

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