Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It's always interesting--usually, interesting-funny!--to see Michael grapple with with the existence of ... girls. Yesterday, he shared that one of his friends finally has a girlfriend. But, he chortled, said friend had asked every girl in their class and "finally one said, Yes!"

"How'd you know he has a girlfriend," I asked (quite relishing this topic). Michael explained that he saw his friend approach the girl and then, a few hours later, they were holding hands. "Like this," he said, offering his hands in the about-to-be-handcuffed post and then clasping them together. To which he then reacted over the whole thing with a big


before pretending to vomit over the side of the sofa.

Nice. So I said, "Well, at least he's got a girlfriend. When are you going to get one?"

A sincerely SHOCKED look on his face, he near-yelled, "Me? No. Waaaaaay."

Pause. Then he allowed, "Maybe in high school...."

This push-pull re girls is so ... interesting. For instance, for Halloween, he badgered me long and hard to get this punk skateboarding costume with yucko-face mask. Fine, I sighed, and ordered it for him. He was quite pleased. But then, apparently two girls approached him in school yesterday. They said they were making their own costumes and want to do one for a Mom, Dad and baby, and will Michael be the Dad.

Well, notwithstanding all the hoo-haa he professes about girls, he apparently agreed with an understated but immediate(!), "O00h-kaaay..."

Ah: puberty -- you are so amusing!, says Mama Moi who feels: Michael, you can always hold my hand...

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