Thursday, October 28, 2010


What punk skateboarding costume? Here's Michael with part of his Halloween costume as a "Dad" -- specifically, as his shirt says, "#1 Dad of the Year" -- that a classmate made for him.

What I also appreciate about this costume is how it became the lead-in for Michael to acquire his first sports jacket! Woot! He said he needed a jacket "just like Dad's" to look like a Dad!

The first time Michael saw a boy his age wearing a sports jacket a year or so ago, he scoffed at it and thought the guy to be a "nerd". When I reminded him of this incident, he said, "I said that when I was stupid. I don't feel that way anymore"!

Wow! Moi boy is really growing up! Y muy guapo, si?! Since I never got his baby shoes to bronze, as soon as he outgrows this blazer, I'm going to bronze said blazer!

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