Friday, November 19, 2010


Well, yes. There's no way for me to post the photo below without revealing that Mom is back in the U.S., much earlier than her anticipated return from her visit to the Philippines. Kinda kills me a little to reveal: Mom is back because she got diagnosed with cancer, and we're now beginning what looks like will be her treatment: a series of radiation treatments culminating in surgery.

Anyway, since Mom's been back, she's basically stayed around the house, not even going to church, as she's not been comfortable traveling beyond her comfort zone. But, today, she made a special trip out for Michael whose school was celebrating a "Grandparents and Special Friends Day." Here's a photo of them there:

Mom wanted to be there for Michael. I don't think Michael ever knew his biological grandparents. But Mom wanted to show that Michael is like most of the kids in his school by having an "Abuelita." So there, Son. Don't ever let anyone tell you you didn't have a grandparent. You have one, as sure as you have a ... Mom and Dad.

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