Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Wow. Sometimes, it takes someone else reading a poem you write to make you really appreciate your own poem! I confess that in my gazillion-poem inventory, "Reticent" really never came to the center of my own attention until lovely Cynthia posted an interview about it HERE, and what a bonus to see how others responded to the poem in the Comments section. Well, from such posting now comes the marvelously luminous words of Nic Sebastian reading the poem for WHALE SOUND over HERE.

And what a great idea: an audio-anthology of poets! HERE is a list of poets whose poems also might be heard.

My job as poet is only to begin poems. Thank you to Cynthia and Nic for allowing "Reticent" to mature into wholeness.

"Reticent" was first published in I TAKE THEE, ENGLISH, FOR MY BELOVED.

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