Thursday, November 11, 2010


It's an ETERNAL ROMANCE, moi love for art. There was a period I dabbled in my version of art criticism, of which a selection became a ROMANTIC BOOK. But I wrote more art engagements than what appeared in this book, and it always interests/amuses me to see what happens to them.

Like, a review I once wrote on Johannes Girardoni's works is live online again! In the company of real art critics (though I don't always like what these critics say), like The NYTimes' Grace Glueck or those writing for Art in America, Sculpture Magazine or NYArt Magazine.

Anyway, I read my art criticism, I mean engagements, now and can't fathom the space from where I wrote them. Which means I'd approached the form as a poetic form -- and that's just fine with me! Poetry is inherently multi-genre!

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