Monday, November 08, 2010


....always interesting how money comes up when one chats with a visual artist. Could be the most "emerging" artist but since it's possible to make a living -- nay, become a gazillionaire -- through visual arts, the possibility comes up. Whereas it never or rarely comes up in conversations (my conversations anyway) with other poets, this: How much do I get paid? Not really ranting--mayhap it's self-respect for a visual artist to raise the notion of money since the form allows for it, and one should have the fortitude to believe one's talents will warrant gazillions. (Sure the field is never level but that's a different story, not to mention known story so one already should stop whining about it and instead adjust.) Anyhoo, poor poetry--pure (so to speak) because it must remain so.

... elsewhere, I'm discussing with another poet the editing of a poem. It's one of those elliptical poems, so to speak. So our comments back-and-forth quickly become elliptical, based on narrative surface. And yet we continue as if we know what the other is saying. Purity--so intelligible. One needs the stains for definitiveness. Yet and nonetheless, purity communicates. Just like poetry.

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