Saturday, June 05, 2010

THREE / HUNDRED ARE / TERCETS FOR HAITI far. That is, to date, the Hay(na)ku for Haiti project has raised $300 for Haiti relief. That's one hundred tiny but big-hearted poetry booklets sold to date; my thanks to the 16 poets so far who've donated poems for this Haiti fundraising. More details HERE, and also to say that the two newest editions are:
#15: Last word is the poet’s calling by Aileen Ibardaloza


#16: Times in Rhymes, Ruins by Jon Curley

Remember that any order of at least $15 (five booklets since each costs $3.00 each) will also snag you a complimentary copy of THE THORN ROSARY (whose retail prices range from the $19.95 paperback to the $750 hardback signed/drawn edition) -- what a bargain...and it's for a fundraising!

Last but not least, here is today's guest blogger: SEAN PENN: "the first person served by service is the server".

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