Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Love moi peeps. To wit, I already have a publisher who's expressed interest in my found (literally found) poem, "OPERA FOR WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS". Well yay. No wonder I blather and blog. But this post is really not about Moi. Cough. It's about how, if this poem is published, I've got the cover art for it! And it's because this drawing is brilliant and not because it was made by Junior-Picasson aka Moi son Michael! Check it for yourself:

That critter is something Michael imagined on his own -- he's got touches of Takashi Murakami, yah?

Most recently, Michael inserted the critter into another thank you drawing, and his first collage--this to his Tio Freddy in New York who'd sponsored Michael for a fundraising "Run for Funds" for his local school:

Gads--I'm so glad I'm not one of those insufferable parents continuously bragging about their untalented children...for my Michael is so very talented!

Speaking of Freddy, I inserted myself...I mean, my book, into the snailmail that sent off Michael's drawing for framing in his loft apartment. I sent him THE THORN ROSARY with the inscription
Memorize every word...

After all, it's only 336 pages...

Now, am off to type up 216 couplets--may my eyesight survive.

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