Wednesday, April 07, 2010


One of the downsides for Michael of taking English as a second language is that the classtime allocated for such needs to be taken from other sources. Thus, he's not currently studying History. This means that Spring Break (this week for his school) is spent introducing him to some world history. Because we're visiting Italy this summer (prepare yourself, Vittello Tonnato!), we're now reading about the Roman Empire.

'Twas during this morning's reading with Moi that I introduced him to the saying, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." This came up as we were reading about how the Roman oligarchy worked. As I uttered the saying that Baron Acton made famous, I of course thought about Marcos. But that strongman went out the mental window when Michael shared what that saying meant for him; to wit, the child uttered, "Absolute power corrupts what happened in Colombia."

That's when I looked at Michael and realized yet again: he never really had a chance to be much of a child.

(I often second-guess my parenting decisions. But a factor that could provide comfort is knowing that how I screw it up may not mess him up as much as facets of his younger life did. Well, witness Moi second-guessing: this parenthetical, too, is a tragedy, ain't it?)

Fortunately, Achilles got resurrected here in Galatea. And he is helping with the healing -- here they are playing frisbee:

And fashion, too, is playing a role in healing et al! Dude Michael apparently has fashionista tendencies. Like -- do you see the soles of his socks? Already, he's dressing better than me -- though not's not a particularly high threshold as I spend most of my time nowadays in my father's old shirts. Anyway, one of the soccer moms told me about skateboard-hip boys' clothing, e.g. these funky socks that are a lovely balm for his HUGE FEET! Yes, the boy is still small for his size -- though he's grown about four inches in the past year, too much of the calories are diverted to his feet which ballooned from size 4 to size 7 in the same time frame!

From political science to socks: this Parenting is just like Poetry: can be about anything and everything!

Meanwhile, thanks to the critter who helped train me to become Mom to a human: Achilles, you da man!

A dog is truly Pure Love....

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