Monday, April 05, 2010


Normative texts, at one of which I just glanced, show yet again why my books (exacerbated by their non-poetic retail prices) will not compete (in the short-term oriented short term).


I pat Moi on her bad back for considering the concurrent writing of prose presentations on "empire" and "kapwa" (the Filipino notion of interconnectedness) not to be dysfunctional.

What is, however, unfortunate is how later work reveal my art-for-art's sake to be political after all. Unfortunate because the timing reverses the norm: show your politics first and then, having been deemed politically correct, feel free to experiment to everybody's applause. This, I did not do. (For clarification, do note the chronological presentation of poems in THE THORN ROSARY, a Selected.) Nor do I regret not doing what would have been careerist smarts. I aspire to be a poet, not to work as a murder mystery writer -- though the latter certainly is often more enjoyable (at which enjoyment my reading lists, e.g. per below, indicate Moi to be an expert).

But maybe there's nothing unfortunate here -- just showing up the brass in the gate-keeper's strategy. Because all it takes is one loud-mouth to persevere and hey at least a dirty dozen actually stuck with robust raucousness. (I continue to be amazed, ye cigar-chomping, poker-playing angels, at how y'all take care of Moi...)

Relatedly, the last time I did a poetry reading, I mostly read other poets' works. Not one or two tokens by another poet(s). Mostly read others' poems.

I write around the issue because I strive for -- and treasure -- kindness. (By posting this, I fail -- but what is Poetry but a paradox?)

Meanwhile, and relatedly, here's my latest Recently Relished W(h)ine List:

Various booklets from HAY(NA)KU FOR HAITI (new authors and booklets forthcoming!)

UNDOCUMENTARIES, poems by Rosa Alcala (intelligent poems with welcome verbal flourishes; nice to see these poems by an author I first knew as a translator)

THE FRENCH EXIT, poems by Elisa Gabbert (many exquisite gems)

STARLIGHT AND SHADOW, poems by Tom Clark (evocative in a lovely and loving way. And it is a free read viz this pdf:

M ENTAL TEKST, poems by Jim McCrary (witty and rollickin'!!)

GRAVE OF LIGHT: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS 1970-2005 by Alice Notley (yes good poems but I really wish the design didn't go for run-on poems on the pages--i.e. that each poem began on a new page--as the set-up did not make for conducive reading. In poetry, white space so matters)

THE PORT OF LOS ANGELES, poems by Jane Sprague

INTWASA POETRY [anthology of 15 Zimbabwean poets] edited by Jane Morris

VESTIGES OF WAR: THE PHILIPPINE-AMERICAN WAR AND THE AFTERMATH OF AN IMPERIAL DREAM, 1899-1999, multi-genre anthology co-edited by Luis Francia and Angel Velasco Shaw.

TRIGGER CITY, novel by Sean Chercover

DEMOLITION ANGEL, novel by Robert Crais

THE FIRST RULE, novel by Robert Crais

DROP SHOT, novel by Harlan Coben*

GONE FOR GOOD, novel by Harlan Coben*

THE FINAL DETAIL, novel by Harlan Coben*

DARKEST FEAR, novel by Harlan Coben*

HOLD TIGHT, novel by Harlan Coben*

THE BETRAYED, novel by David Hosp

BY THE TIME YOU READ THIS, novel by Giles Blunt

1998 Kyeema Shiraz
2005 Schloss Schonborn Riesling Beerenauslese
2002 Jones Family Cabernet
2006 Peter Michael "Ma Belle Fille" Chardonnay
Roederer sparkling wine
1958 Spanna
1999 Haut Brion
1999 Araujo Cabernet "Eisele Vineyard"
1992 Taylor Fladgate
2004 Kistler Cuvee Elisabeth Bodega Headlands Vineyard
2006 Chafen Family Vineyards estate cabernet
2006 Philo Rose pinot noir Anderson Valley Dry Ranch
2009 Dutch Henry sauvignon blanc
2004 Primus Estate zinfandel Sierra Foothills
2009 Toulouse Vineyards pinot gris
2009 Toulouse Vineyards muscat
2009 Toulouse Vineyards gewurtztraminer
2009 Toulouse Vineyards Rose of pinot noir
2007 Toulouse Vineyards pinot noir Anderson Valley
2007 Toulouse Vineyards Estate pinor noir
2008 Toulouse Vineyards pinot noir
2005 Freemark Abbey Vineyard Bosche
2007 Blackbird cabernet
2003 Teusner shiraz Barossa Valley
1992 Ravenswood Pickberry
2009 Dutch Henry rose
2005 Spunglass cabernet

*I also would like to join officially the particular Fan Club raucously demanding that Harlan Coben write another Myron Bolitar escapade. Please to comply, Mr. Coben. Have some compassion, Dude.

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