Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Remember my cigar-smoking poetry angels and muses? The ones always playing poker--betting with my (moi!) tears--and whose games frequently decide my poems? Let me share a close-up photo of one of them:

What? You were expecting Angelina Jolie? Anyway, these bak├ęts used to play poker on a table just beneath the ceiling of any room I happen to be gracing with my presence. Well, this weekend, the table dropped and they're now puffing their stinky smoke right next to whereever I sit. Why, Toi asks? Moi is happy to explain!

I have a lot of fun on this blog...rather, WE have a lot of fun on this blog. Right?

But one reason I have such fun is because I've always felt that "Moi" vs "I" was blogging -- a tool that allows me to mostly (cough) hide.

Well, due to popular demand (right), I'm COMING OUT! To wit, THE MUSE HAS BECOME VISIBLE! Moi will continue to blog here -- it's way too fun to give up. But, now, if you want to see the real "Eileen Tabios", perhaps you'll visit me at the just prau-launched


Relatedly, Jean Vengua created this "TABIOS HAPTIC" in response to my presentation at this weekend's Babaylan Conference (more on Jean's haptics HERE and HERE):

Gorgeous, right? Thank you, Jean...and its significance, too, will be further explored at my (not moi) new Babaylan Poetics Blog.

Naturally that Blog (unlike this one) allows Comments as such will mean your presence! There is a new Dance beginning....

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