Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Oh I could mention where you can see some new poems -- Moi hangin' out with the Romans over at the fabulously eclectic EOAGH! (Thanks mucho much to editor Tim Peterson.) There: I menched it!

And I could also remind Peeps that the next deadline for Galatea Resurrects reviews is coming up: Nov. 5. There: I menched it!

But I'd really rather continue yammering about sports since I don't know anything about it. To wit:

One of the soccer moms suggested getting sweatshirts for Michael's soccer team -- emblazoned with something like


or something like that. I immediately thought to order more of that sweatshirt than the print run of my last poetry book. Seriously, I did.

Yes, we're talking a poetry book print run and so that may not be a particularly high threshold. But still. After all:

And you know what the best part is of his very first of I predict many trophies? It gives him fortitude for taking my consistent hassling over doing his homework! Go Mom! Because ultimately, Homework Rules Over Sports, kapischkie?!

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