Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Bill Allegrezza, himself a savvy poet-critic, affirms, my read of the allegrezza ficcione by Mark Young. It's worth nota bene-ing: the allegrezza ficcione is historic and will come to be considered a 21st century classic (check it out!).

And speaking of Mark Young (and as the allegrezza ficcione also attests), he's one of those erudite poets whose repute is actually based on his poems, rather than his erudition. I mean, I do notice how many poets out there get up-status due to their scholarship -- I respect scholarship but that doesn't necessarily translate to poetic prowess. It's another sign of the times that certain poets get more recognition because of what they're doing as scholars -- Mark's work (do check out his poems!) doesn't need such scaffolding. But I (of course) digress...

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