Friday, October 09, 2009


Purrrrrr-ed to be part of two Special Issues on Translation! One viz Print and one viz Online, and, synchronistically, both of my translations relate to a language that will forever be alien to me: Math!

First, Vanitas 4 : Translation is out, and I'm excited to be innit! I've admired the gorgeously-produced Vanitas (Editor Vincent Katz; Contributing Editors Elaine Equi and Raphael Rubinstein) since its first issue, and so am delighted they're including my translation thoughts on and translation of a kari edwards poem comprised of numbers and algebraic notations. (An expanded version of this essay and translation is in Footnotes to Algebra.)

Contributors to Vanitas 4 : Translation form a stellar cast which includes: Tim Atkins, Mary Jo Bang, Charles Bernstein, Lindsey Boldt, Augusto de Campos, Sean Casey, Mark Du Charme, Alan Davies, Brandon Downing, Joanna Fuhrman, Kenneth Goldsmith, Jack Hirschman, Jen Hofer, Ron Horning, Lisa Jarnot, Mary Maxwell, David Meltzer, Jess Morse, Ron Padgett & Bill Zavatsky, Ray DiPalma, Charles Perrone, Kit Robinson, Raphael Rubinstein, Ed Sanders, Barry Schwabsky, Cedar Sigo & Sara Bilandzija, Eileen R. Tabios, Mónica de la Torre, John Tranter, Paul Violi, Anne Waldman, Lewis Warsh, Dalt Wonk, Laura Wright, Elizabeth Young, and many more. In addition to poems, there are critical texts, examining the work of Borges and Bandeira, Lorca, Haiku, Pindar’s choral songs for young girls, and the poetry scene of the 1970s. The cover and a special insert were created by Francesco Clemente specifically for this issue.

Second, Guest Editor Anny Ballardini sends out an announcement on the just-released Ekleksographia Wave Two: The Translation Special or for the direct link HERE. I'm delighted to offer what Anny aptly calls "a translation of my son".

Eleksographia, a quite witty exercise in "assymetrical publishing" offers the following Table of Contents -- lovely reading!

· William Allegreeza and Galo Ghigliotto translate three Chilean Poets

· A poem by Dennis Barone and translation of Emanuel Carnevali

· Tom Beckett

· Pam Brown translated by Jane Zemiro and Marie Gaulis

· Peter Ciccariello

· Jon Corelis on Sappho and the Archpoet

· Alexander Dickow translates Max Jacob

· Linh Dinh translates Marco Giovenale

· Joseph Duemer on the Ching Phu Ngam

· James Finnegan

· Farideh Hassanzadeh (Mostafavi) and Christina Pacosz on Nima Yushij

· Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

· Amy King

· Bill Lavender translates Arthur Rimbaud

· Hank Lazer

· Charles Martin

· Zeljko Mitic translated by Zeljko Mitic, Jr.

· Richard Jeffrey Newman translates the Shahnameh

· Biljana D. Obradović translates Bratislav Milanović

· Obododimma Oha tranlates Ogonna Agu

· Michael Rothenberg translated by Vincent Dussol

· Larissa Shmailo translates Yuri Arabov

· Barry Schwabsky translates Paul Éluard

· Elizabeth Smither

· Alan Sondheim

· Yerra Sugarman translates Celia Dropkin

· Eileen Tabios translates her son

· Peter Thompson translates Nabil Farès

· Martin J. Walker translates Albert Ehrenstein

· Joel Weishaus translates Po Chu-I

· Mark Weiss translates Max Jacob

Reviews and Essays

Diether Haenicke reviews The Passionate Gardener by Rudolf Borchardt, translated by Henry Martin
Pierre Joris tries to translate Nabil Farès' Bikini
Henry Martin discusses translating All the Errors by Giorgio Manganelli
Ellen Moody reviews translations of Jane Austen in French
Karl Young presents "Some Functions of Translation in 'The Ideal Anthology'"
Daniel Zimmerman reviews La Vita Nuova by Dante, translated by Emanuel di Pasquale

· Anny Ballardini translates Arturo Onofri


I don't try to write poems about my son just because I have a son. I don't mind writing poems about him, though, if I can address it in a different way than the usual family-type poems I come across. "English Lessons", which appears in Ekleksographia, is an example (thanks for the space, Anny!).

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