Saturday, September 05, 2009


One of my favorite statements by La Jessica Hagedorn (from my first book BLACK LIGHTNING) is something along the lines of how

                  The Poem Shouldn't Just Sit On Its Ass Fanning Itself...!

(I paraphrase as I'm too lazy to look up the exact quote). Which is a lazy way for me to introduce another of Michael's drawings by discussing the concept of drawing action. Since a drawing is comprised of inherently static marks, being able to draw movement is a good skill to have, as in Michael's latest Thank-You-Drawing to her generous New York City relatives -- Wassup Spideyman!?

Anyway, yes, just like movement on a visual image, poems should have that energy as well. Lame-o didactic conclusion but that's the best I can do this lazy Saturday...!


Speaking of BLACK LIGHTNING, heard from stellar Marilyn Chin this week after years of having lost contact. Among other things, she says she still gets compliments about BLACK LIGHTNING even after, what, ten years since its initial publication. I'm not surprised: I've not seen anything else since in the poetry world come close to BLACK LIGHTNING's positive positive positive energy....and what a fabulous way for me to have been introduced to or initially immersed in poetry!

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