Sunday, August 30, 2009


So much about Michael's homework focuses on the person he most spends time with -- that would be Moi. As a result, his sixth grade was a bit farcical: I had to cook to help him do homework for two classes: art and Spanish. I had to cook! I made carrot cake and coq au vin, which is two of the five recipes I know. That leaves me with three recipes to last him through high school graduation. Yes, as I write this, I am trying to learn adobo (did you know brown sugar is the secret ingredient? Yes, visit my blog and learn even culinary secrets! Such is the expanse of the One Who Does Not Cook!).

Anyway, now, Michael is interviewing me again for a math project. He has to interview a person about said person's profession and the role of math in that person's profession. Then he has to make a poster with at least one image that relates to the topic. Well, there are no coincidences, right? A wonderful synchronicity is how this homework was assigned almost immediately after my newest book came out -- and how will that book cover look on his poster?

The interview will necessarily focus on the algebraic relationships formed through poetry. Another synchronicity, right in the book is my translation of a kari edwards poem which is mostly numbers and with an equation as an epigraph. Woot! If A + B = C, won't you come make C with me!


Meanwhile, it's fun to teach Michael his manners by using visual art. His New York relatives sent him another book--a fabulous kids' book about Giotto as a boy; here's the terrific book cover:

And here is Michael's "Thank-You-Drawing"--thanks Eve, John & Cerise!

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