Friday, February 06, 2009


I love the book more and more as I read through it: here's another facet from Barry Schwabsky's book left open in the rain (first published in Vincent Katz's Vanitas):

Disassembled flame
"moving at summer's pace"
how we kiss tunes straight
until they sound like practice
float a rhythm over pennywise drones
the ionized outer cone conducts

Venus crosses sun -- amazing pictures
that clock was exactly right
a poem whose subject so transcendently nondescript
was always just somewhere
however wronged

decriminalized, let's keep it cruel
the poor can only smoke
we'll make like trustafarians in the tropic of ease.

It's raining as I blog this -- how purrrrrr-fect. The epigraph to the book?
I can study rain.
--Robert Johnson


With this book, I also realize that Barry must have met Eric Gamalinda somewhere there in the Musica Universalis....that's sumthin'...


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