Thursday, February 05, 2009


Insomnia led me to peruse Mel Vera Cruz's photographs of lemons. Here's one:

Yah. I guess they be organic lemons. Now, check out this close-up--what part of the human body does said close-up remind you of?

Oh, Peeps: I love it when your minds wallow in the gutter....

I also appreciate this visual manifestation of an aspect of moi poetics that Alfred "Krip" Yuson, in blurbing Reproductions of the Empty Flagpole, once articulated as:
Much of Eileen Tabios' poetry hits us right in the gut. Or should we say groin, since it is at once scintillating, skittish and seductive. Primal in its experimentation, fugitive in its tactile manipulation of recalcitrance and romance, ultimately there blooms a hardcore quality to her corpus' radical engagements.

I know one of you picked up Reproductions... when I said Amazon has a used copy available for a penny; surely this post will make one of you go hardcore and liberate the other copy that's still available at that obscene price.

Mom, btw, detests Krip's blurb. I, however, giggle. Oh how I love to be amused....


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