Wednesday, February 04, 2009


So, wouldn't you like to celebrate the historic Barack Obama presidency by having something in common with the Obama's personal library? That is, a copy of the equally-historic Housecat Kung Fu by Geoffrey Gatza has been sent to Mommy-in-Chief Michelle Obama as a gift to Malia and Shasha.

You, too, can now have this fabulous "Strange Poems for Wild Children"....and at a discounted SPECIAL RELEASE OFFER price, no less!

Whatchoo waiting for? Go on! Before the Obama Honeymoon ends, collapsing under the weight of the falling economy and a ridiculously-politicized first-response-Stimulus-plan! Remember: to acquire this book is ALSO to stimulate our economy!

Seriously -- how many poetry-for-children books don't talk down to children? That's why Housecat Kung Fu: Strange Poems for Wild Children also will interest adults! Check it out or I'll send a kitty to conduct martial arts on your door!


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