Wednesday, January 28, 2009


NOT A MUSE is out from Haven Books, and is scheduled for a March 8, 2009 Book Launch event to coincide with both International Women's Day and the opening of the Man Hong Kong International Literary Festival. Nifty, since the anthology includes some poems from NOTA BENE EISWEIN !

Publisher describes the anthology as containing "100 sensational contributors" (quote marks are the publisher's but who is Moi to disagree-grin) from 24 countries. I guess this means I have something else in common with Erica Jong besides Barnard College. Event flyer notes "other poets include Margaret Atwood * Lorna Crozier * Shirley Lim * Elizabeth Harvor * Sharon Olds * Luisa A. Igloria * Michelle Cahill * Nitoo Das * Dr. Rati Saxena * Sridala Swami * Agnes Lam * Tammy Ho * Prasana Kumari * Eileen Tabios * Pascale Petit * and more..."

Okay, I won't actually be in Hong Kong but to know Moi is to know that a Book can represent her. ORDERS may be placed online at

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