Saturday, January 17, 2009


which is to say, the list below presents my latest purchases of poetry pubs. Before perusing said list, go HERE to listen to Reb Livingston express what I also have noticed about poetry publishing of late.

Okay, I recently bought:
GRAVITY & GRACE by Ernesto Priego (Otoliths)

FACINGS and WHAT'S THE MATTER, both by Jordan Stempleman (both published by Otoliths)

THE MYTH OF SIMPLE MACHINES by Laurel Snyder (No Tell Books)

THE BEDSIDE GUIDE TO NO TELL MOTEL SECOND FLOOR, Eds. Reb Livingston and Molly Arden (No Tell Books)

THE GODS WE WORSHIP LIVE NEXT DOOR by Bino A. Realuyo (University of Utah Press)

Six books, five of which I purchased for other people. That it's a short list and that I purchased the majority for others attests to what are currently eight tall stacks of poetry books still waiting to be read. Then there's the stacks of non-poetry books waiting to be read littered about the house....

Meanwhile, not bought but acquired recently as they were being deaccessioned by moi local public library:
THE HAWKLINE MONSTER: A GOTHIC WESTERN by Richard Brautigan (Simon and Schuster, New York, 1974)

NAKED LUNCH by William Burroughs: the restored text, eds. James Grauerholz and Barry Miles (Grove Press, New York, 1959)

Delighted as I am to get my own copy of Hawkline (which I'd read in the same Presidio library in San Francisco once patronized by Brautigan and which had helped inspired the hay(na)ku), why are these two books being deaccessioned?

Yeah, we know why....

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