Thursday, January 15, 2009


Okay, nuff about Moi for the moment. Instead, let me speak to other peeps' books.

This week, there occurred two firsts for Galatea Resurrects. One will be the first non-English review to be posted in the next issue. I love this for many reasons, including how it reflects GR's constituency: the world as presented by the internet which is global. So GR should certainly carry other languages besides English.

The other first -- I wrote a review, without intending to do so, of a book that I read weeks and weeks earlier; said book apparently stuck in moi mental craw such that I wrote a first draft-last draft review of it without needing to open the book again (until I decided to add a part two that would include quoted excerpts). Now, how many books have you read that has that kind of power? This is a first-time effect for me so, Kudos to the generative power of
plagiarism / outsource by Tan Lin

Well, maybe there are other poetry publications that can affect you like Tan's did to me! Check out these possibilities HERE which would welcome your engagement!