Thursday, January 08, 2009


if judged by a list of NON POETRY BLOGS & SITES that I read on a regular basis (not to say these sites are boring but that I'm boring for reading so narrowly):

Jenifer Wofford's Blog (visual artist)

The New York Times

The Wall Street Journal

The Wealth Report (often gets hilarious or bathetic due to its lack of irony)

How I Spent My Stimulus Check

Tales of an Unemployed Dad

Seeking Alpha

AOL Money and Finance

Personal Finance at Wallet Pop

Various Peeps on Adoption Blog Central

I may have left off one or two, but it is a short list, and deliberately so. Said list's shortness reflects (1) how notwithstanding how fascinating the Chatelaine is, I'm really boring; and (2) I fight being sucked into too many internet tentacles (hence, I'm not on Facebook notwithstanding the humongous amount of Facebook invites I got just today because Bino loves Facebook and must have told many of y'all to invite me. I appreciate the invite....but it takes a lot for this luddite just to retain the information of how to turn a computer On and Off....) and I already read a lot of poetry sites and numerous one-off reads (this list is for regularly-visited sites).

Still. I find the list useful for realizing that boring Moi could broader her horizons. Okay, I guess this Broad shall broaden even more....or, mebbe not...