Sunday, March 09, 2008


Interesting to see Poetry discussed in the context of "market forces", to wit:

Timothy Yu presented a paper on poetry blogs at the "Markets: From the Bazaar to eBay" conference held by the University of Toronto's Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies. You can see his paper on his blog HERE, which, among other (and more important) things dates me. As one of those who started during the poetry blog blossoming in 2003, I'm suddenly an old-timer! Only in the internet would five years be so L O O O O N G! And make me so bloody O O O O O L D!

Anyway, Tim's got a beautiful mind. He articulates the same thing I suspect about that old List vs Blog debate, which, in the matter he references brought market-based metaphors to the fore. Tim rightly notes, "I think that the metaphor of the market was being used in a political fashion, to register anxiety about an apparent shift in the medium of poetic discourse." But do go read it for Toiself!

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