Thursday, March 06, 2008


As I was just telling one of Galatea Resurrects' reviewers this morning, I just sit moi fat (but enchanting) ass here on a mountain and all these lovely Mohammads keep arriving...

Which is to say, I'm amazed. I'm preparing the next issue and I can't believe it looks like I'll top the record-number of reviews I already got in the current issue, to witty wit:

Issue 1: 27 new reviews
Issue 2: 39 new reviews
Issue 3: 49 new reviews
Issue 4: 61 new reviews
Issue 5: 56 new reviews
Issue 6: 56 new reviews
Issue 8: 64 new reviews

And now for the next Issue 9, I have 63 reviews in the house but at least a handful or more are still coming!

(One reviewer held on to his review copy for about two years but finally came through...and it was worth waiting for! Take your time but come on home to Mama!)

Now, just two days ago, I was at 39 reviews and while that already is an accomplishment, I certainly wasn't looking forward to whining over how the stats dropped. But...over here, oh how we love to ascend!

THANK YOU to all reviewers. You are all volunteers and I'm honored you choose to stop by the mountain.

And as for you late ones, I will keep taking reviews all through the rest of this week (end of Friday) as I'm traveling anyway at the moment and won't return back home until Friday.

And all ye poets and publishers, yes, keep sending review copies over. The internet is just full of reviewers waiting to love (or, um, discourse with) your poems! Information on that over HERE!