Friday, October 05, 2007


until we get our act together and gizmo it up the gazoo with 21st century-plus technology (which must wait until I finally kick off all these BIG BURLY MEN off the mountain doing more burly-ish stuff with concrete et al).

Which is to say, there is a new hay(na)ku, rather: jainaku, video -- A VOID -- up at

I hope you all enjoy it since I can't (yet).

And I just received my gazillionth request to tape myself reading a poem for some lovely internet journal. A request which I regretfully declined because my crappy online constraints preclude me participating on such projects (I was only able to be on The Continental Review because Michelle intervened). S'okay: on the mountain, I sometimes live like a hermit. Which, come to think of it, I actually am. Fortunately for you loving Peeps, Moi is not.

And Moi says, I was amused by Andrea Baker's Zombie Debt Scheme. I agree with Andrea's Dad -- this idea can make money (well, it can also become performance art, sure, but it also can make money if done by the right peeps). Lissen to Moi: I've got an M.B.A. This can be a money-maker, Andrea!