Thursday, June 21, 2007


because POEMELEON: A JOURNAL OF POETRY just released a new issue revolving around the theme of poetic forms. I'm naturally pleased to see my poems, with Spanish and Italians translations by Rebeka Lembo (thanks Rebeka!!!). But I'm even more tickled to see the hay(na)ku listed along with such forms as the

-sound ghazal
-blank verse
-terza rima
-linked diminishing line tercet nonce form
-concrete poem
-borrowed free verse form
-nesting poem
-double sonnet
-accentual verse
-anglo-saxon verse
-iambic pentameter quatrain
-epithalamion villanelle
-long hymnal stanzas
-nonce tetrameter/pentameter quintet

So if some of the above forms are not known to you, Poemeleon offers a chance for your discovery!

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