Friday, October 20, 2006


So, at the moment, I've got commitments for about 50 new reviews for the next issue of Galatea Resurrects. Normally, that'd be making me purrrrrrr.

But no.

Some commitments don't come through and I'm concerned that the final actual tally won't top the 48 new reviews logged by GR's third issue. For the third issue, I'd received 63 new review commitments and it ended up being 48. If I only have commitments now of about 50, I may come up with a final tally less than 48.

So if you're reading this and have committed to do a review, please come through. I have a bet with someone that the 4th issue can top the third issue's number of new reviews and if you understand blind poker poetics, ahem, the stakes are as high as they are in poetry...wink!

Relatedly, the next issue deadline of Nov. 5, 2006 can probably shift an extra few days (due to some early November travel plans when I wouldn't be able to work on the issue anyway). So, won't you consider doing a review? Oh please do. (I'm beginning to feel like a country tune...)

Remember that you can send reviews of other poetry projects not on the review copy list...and that books can be reviewed more than once. Wanna recommend something on your poetry bookshelf? Send in your thoughts! Shout out! (Cough.)

Anyhoot, the 4th issue looks to be faboo. It will be the first time that certain books will get reviewed a third time in Galatea Resurrects. Yep -- I like presenting multiple reviews of the same book. That's called deepening the engagement! Wouldn't we all rather be engaged with rather than reviewed?

And authors and publishers -- please continue to send review copies; people do pay attention to the review copy list and request to engage with them! Review and submission information available HERE.