Friday, October 20, 2006


"EROTIC VOID" POETICS was actually how I was going to title this post. I thought of that title while perusing through the images of Barry Schwabsky's latest curated art exhibit -- mayhaps it's that 2001 oil by Gillian Carnegie entitled "Window" (wink). It's actually titled "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere" and includes work by Gillian Carnegie, Annika von Hausswolff, Myriam Home, Sean Paul, Adam Ross, Aida Ruilova, John Stezaker, and Toby Ziegler. But this project is obviously as much about poetry as much as the visual art; check out Barry's Curator's Note:

A poet was once asked whether he was more interested in the form of its work, or in its content. "Neither one," he replied. "The only thing that's really interesting is the void that lies between the two, which conceivably resembles the void at the heart of all things."

Likewise, with regard to images, one might ask the artist whether she is more interested in the surface of her work or its structure, and she might equally elect, instead, the void between them.

This is an exhibition of works that point elsewhere—neither to themselves as self-contained, autonomous artifacts, nor to the things they might picture or evoke. Instead, they indicate the empty space in between, the gap that is the artwork's true engine of seduction, its true source power. The place in art where something opens up, and we have to look in: Everybody knows this is nowhere.

Now, someone who can put together such a faboo, wise exhibit surely can write faboo, wise poems? Check it out with an OPERA and the [ways].

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