Thursday, October 19, 2006


I got a letter from my oldest-known pal, a girlfriend I met in 6th grade. I haven't seen her in decades though we have maintained a correspondence across the years. Anyway, Girlfriend says she has a video of me -- a PBS video showing me reading at a bookstore.

A PBS video that includes Moi? (And, apparently, my girlfriend sez, I look "perpetually 30 -- must be all that wine." Actually, it's whine...but moving on...)

So, why do I know nothing about this PBS video? I only want to be public domain, People, at the same time that I want to be a "famous poet." And that's when I'm dead. Kapisch?!

So, on the flow of, *But really it's not about me...!*, do check out Geof Huth's lovely engagement with Tom Beckett's Unprotected Texts. A fabulously deep and loving engagement -- here's an excerpt (but geez -- the whole thing entitled "An Erotics of Thought" shouldn't be excerpted but most def read in its entirety!):

These conglomerations of thoughts—a technique Beckett replays a number of times in this book—intrigue me, but more important to me is the definitional stance he takes. Definitions, in various forms, appear throughout the book because Beckett is a philosopher and the philosopher must show us the truth. Thus, we learn that “Metaphor is a form of alienation”—an interesting point when poetry is so much about wrangling with metaphor, so much interested in the process of extending meaning.

Thanks Geof--your read & write is definitely worth an X-size condom!