Tuesday, September 05, 2006


This blog -- though I try to make it as multidimensional as I can -- is just one tiny aspect of ME. Its revelations of ME is constrained by the primary constraint to this blog: that it attempts only to exude positive energy (which is not to say I succeed in that all the time but that is its prevailing aesthetic).

What I hadn't anticipated is how forcing positive-ness would be so ... um, healthy. And not just for me but, as it's turned out, for many among youse peeps.

I don't know -- I just felt like noting that, this morning.

So noted.


And, it's good on another level -- how that writing-become-reality -ness of positivity has alchemized an optimistic POV to my 2007 book, THE LIGHT THAT LEFT HIS BODY ENTERED THINE EYES (forthcoming from Marsh Hawk Press). One would think that a book inspired by a parent's death would be darker than what this book has turned out to be.

But I'm glad THE LIGHT... is not so dark. On one level, it's just another version of making new -- I just read a poetry book inspired by the death of the poet's parent and, like many others I've read on this matter, the darkness lingers. And on a more important level, my father would not have wanted to cause me grief. And isn't that the true nature of Love...?


This post is dedicated to Thomas Fink who I know is now gearing up to receive my manuscript in his capacity as my in-house Marsh Hawk Press editor.

Speaking of Marsh Hawk, its managing editor Sandy McIntosh did also do something different than the typical poetry book dealing with parents' death in his superb The After-Death History of My Mother. Check it out!