Monday, September 04, 2006


Mathematical poetry is an artistic expression created by performing mathematical operations on words or images as if they were numbers. One may find this baffling because it seems we are being confused about the states of quality versus quantity. But it is through the fusion of this dichotomy that mathematical metaphor is spawned. Mathematics has always been used for denotation. However, our interest is to use math as a language for connotation.
--from "Mathematical Poetry" Blog

Scott Glassman wrote a lovely hay(na)ku sequence, which is certainly special as is. But then, but then...! Kaz Maslanka created a mathematized -- and lovely vizpo -- version of Scott's poem! Check it out here! Be sure to scroll down as Kaz's statements re "the difference between mathematical poetry, mathematics poetry and mathematical visual poetry)" make for interesting reading!

As Scott sez, "[N]umbers are embedded in the underlying consciosness, the structure of the style 1-2-3 so it's a kind of echo, content-wise, another layer..." Actually, read Scott's more fullsome -- and wonderful -- reaction here, from which an excerpt:

What I think this is saying, or getting at, is the importance of letting go, of surrendering that which makes one most complete. That human beings or forces ALTHOUGH they may complement one another and co-exist in a single orbit, as do electrons of an atom-- one is not made subservient to the other, one is not made solely for the other's pleasure. Now I'm aware this is entering into the realm of the philosophical, the why-are-we-here-and-seperate question? And I suppose it speaks to the inherent integrity of nature, the particles that solid matter is made from, always particulate, having their boundaries as does the earth, moon, dewdrop, etc. Just above the unified plain, what is visible to the most powerful microscopes. Might be expressed:

myself - you = integrity / love

Now that's engagement! The poem being the doorway to such engagements.

It all counts with Moi!