Monday, August 28, 2006


I was out shopping with Mom yesterday at the Napa outlet mall. Mom and I bought enough clothes (I was catching up since my usual wardrobe is the hubby's former shirt and frayed blue jeans and Mom was buying for northern California weather) that I opted to sign up for a Liz Claiborne credit card since such would garner an extra ten percent off the whole tab.

They rejected my credit rating.

Why? No particular explanation -- but had to do, no doubt, with the profession "poet", status of "self-employed", and therefore the implications as regards (financial) worthiness.

I was miffed, until I turned the incident into a metaphor. If poetry is a way of life, why, too would I abide by an-Other judging Moi value?

That ten percent I didn't save on the wardrobe bill? Cheap. And beneath Moi.

So there.

And I look damn good in burgundy suede.