Thursday, August 24, 2006


Okay. Work with me, People. So someone's bet me that THERE IS NO WAY I'M GONNA TOP MY NUMBER OF 48 NEW REVIEWS for the fourth issue of Galatea Resurrects. Let's look at those stats again:

Issue 1: 27 new reviews
Issue 2: 38 new reviews
Issue 3: 48 new reviews

That would seem to be a pretty vertical trajectory, yah? Well, what do you think? Can I get at least 49 new reviews for the next issue? Deadline is November 5. I tell you what -- the first 30 reviewers will get a FETISH from me that celebrates Tom Beckett's historic, long-overdue first poetry collection: UNPROTECTED TEXTS: SELECTED POEMS (1978~2006). To wit, if you're to be among the first 30 reviewers for the next issue, you get said fetish that works as a bookmark but encompasses a condom.

These are the kind of offers Moi makes when playing poker. Work with me, People. Check out the available review copies here or review some poetry project you already have and love (or not).

I've raised my hand. Shall Moi see you?