Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Felt like there were 50 big burly men crawling all over Moi today.

I guess I might say -- I mean, ... crawling all over the mountain. But the mountain is Moi. What is Galatea, non-virtually? It is Home as Poem.

And it takes a village (at least) of big burly men to craft the right way for a hammock to hang...then swing.

Then, there's the rest of the place being sculpted into a ... poetry space.

If you think it difficult to craft a poem on the page, try sculpting it from a stone mountain.

All enough to drive Moi to tipple.

Tipple...tonight, a glass of the 2003 Dutch Henry chardonnay.

Difficult, but then again, surely We didn't think the Chatelaine would do anything less than also to involve the planet, literally, in the making of a poem...?!