Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The next book Meritage Press publishes will be Derive by poet Bruna Mori and painter Matthew Kinney. It's not likely to be released until at least October, but since I had to send this out to SPD yesterday to meet the deadline for their Fall catalogue, I'll share such with you to facilitate getting your juices juicin' for this unique publication!


poems by Bruna Mori
paintings by Matthew Kinney
ISBN-10: 0-9709179-6-1
ISBN-13:  978-0-9709179-5-9

Poetry. Creative Nonfiction. Urban Studies. Cultural Studies. Women's Studies.

Drawn by the New York cityscape and encounters found there, physical trajectories are mapped in words and sumi-ink. Poems depict a search for subjectivity in the urban sphere and are interspersed with paintings of architecture elusively dis/assembling on canvases. From Second Avenue to 207th Street, spanning mahjongg parlors and halfway houses, "the city and its inhabitants emerge as vastly various and yet inextricably bound to one another (lê thi diem thúy)." "A deft poetic journey through the fissures and ironies of city life (Norman Klein)." "Bruna Mori creates a lyrical alchemy of the debris and mythology of New Amsterdam. Dérive is an animated guidebook to the boroughs and should be required reading for travelers and residents alike (Brenda Coultas)."