Thursday, August 03, 2006


Amazing. Moi am just amazing to me. See, sometimes, I get these ideas that I think are absolutely BRILLIANT. And they go out there into this vast universe, only to get tossed aside as just so much used toilet paper.

Then, I come up with ideas that I concoct just for the hell of it...AND THEY TAKE OFFFFFFF!

Which is to say, looks like the third issue of Galatea Resurrects will feature new reviews of at least 49 poetry publications/projects (on top of other features and reprints of some print reviews). The number is based on reviews received or confirmed to be forthcoming. The number may still get higher if people who've earlier said they will write a review for this issue but haven't yet confirmed, will come through anyway.

But 49 new reviews! That's up from the second issue's 37 new reviews and first issue's 27 new reviews.

So, this is to say that if you want to join the party, the deadline of Aug. 5 has been pushed back a bit to Aug. 12 (due to my travel plans) so that it's still not too late to send me a review...or engagement, as Moi prefers to call such.

And the deadline for the fourth issue of Galatea Resurrects is November 5, 2006. Join the party, folks. That blog is read more than even this blog so engage and be read!

So authors and publishers -- keep sending review copies. And writers, please to consider engaging with these poetry projects!

And, natch, if mention that if you wish to review Tom Beckett's Unprotected Texts (see prior 2 posts), contact me!