Thursday, August 03, 2006


Well, what I do for my poetry. So, I'm ordering condoms in bulk -- EXTRA LARGE, of course -- to make a limited edition fetish to celebrate Tom Beckett's UNPROTECTED TEXTS! More info on that later.

We at Meritage Press believe SAFE SEX and HOT TORRID LUSTFUL SEX do not a binary make.

Good morning.

And don't forget about our PRE-RELEASE special (see prior post).

Condom. Bulk X-LARGE. Fetish. Pre-Release. As I was saying, Gooooood Maaaawn-ing!


I should note, btw, that the fabulous cover image to Tom's book is by Robert Gober -- made in part from beeswax and human hair. Yes, Tom -- that'd be some pillow!