Monday, August 14, 2006


Catching up through piled up mail and surprised-in-a-good-way by:

1) a poet sends a note, saying he sees my POET TICS and chides me for never thinking of him (a matter just resolved, Peep!) [grin]

2) tons of pre-release orders (which expires on Sept. 30; see moi Aug. 2 post) for Tom Beckett's forthcoming and first book collection UNPROTECTED TEXTS -- but because some of the orders are from poets, they're slipping in some nifty gifts for me of their own works. WHAT A GREAT IDEA, PEEPS! HINT!!!!!

3) and latest issue of Barnard College Alumnae Magazine which features a, uh, feature on me (reprinted here) -- it's surprising how they got reference to ENGLISH wrong as my "first" poetry collection when they had more than one follow-up check on the article by various copy editors. I don't mind, but such, of course, just points to the complexity of translation -- even within the same language!