Wednesday, August 30, 2006


To recap, September 30 is the deadline for taking advantage of the Pre-Release Offer for Tom Beckett's long-awaited first poetry book, UNPROTECTED TEXTS: SELECTED POEMS (1978~2006).

I've been getting in orders so I should clarify that the books should arrive in moi hot leetle hands by the end of September, which means books will be mailed out in early October.

I also just learned that the printer did ship inventory to SPD so it should be available there by early October as well.

But, again, do consider taking advantage of the Pre-Release Offer. The first 30 people to order the book will receive a complimentary FETISH: a bookmark cum condom since TEXT, not SEX, should be "unprotected." Sumthin' like that...

Actually, the bookmark strip is yellow and the condom packet is bright orange at its tip. Sorta reminds me of a lollipop. LOL.

Which is also to say, in my ongoing attempts to sell poetry books, I might have hit a new low -- but remain cheerful and guilt-free about it. LOL!