Monday, August 28, 2006


This photo captures it all: poet, book & bookmark-cum-condom designer, and kali martial arts extraordinaire Michelle Bautista at Dutch Henry Winery with Achilles next to her and Gabriela in foreground...and an antique wine press on the right:

Now, of course, I had to bring Michelle and Rhett over to Dutch Henry where I insist on being their poet laureate (Michelle and Rhett loved the 2003 merlot, in particular, and if you love wine, you will too!). And the way to get to the winery, of course, was a car ride where, as it turned out, Michelle does a pretty good imitation of how dogs breathe -- tongues hanging out and all:

And, by the way, Michelle just got her fourth-degree kali black belt! Whooooh! Michelle is also the author of Meritage Press' last book to be published in 2006: KALI BLADE. So, guess what? If you don't buy that book, I'll be siccing that author on you!