Saturday, July 01, 2006


Wait a minute, Achilles and Gabriela bark! So far, when Blogger restored the other blogs, they seemed only to have restored their first pages (hence, not Archives). It's good enough for some blogs but not all.

Well, shitskie again. Moi will have to return to Blogger Help -- copy this link, Peeps! Nevuh know when you'll need to use it!

I like this quote, though, from Ernesto whilst he was mourning moi temporary blog-disappearance:

"Soon the only thing left will be for us to forget the specious distinction between the propagation of images or waves and that of objects or bodies, since from now on all duration will be measured in intensity".
--Paul Virilio, The Aesthetics of Disappearance, (74)

It does touch on moi poetics. As in, a goal of poems that beam forth intense-ly. The radiance of such poems, whether by moiself or others, often helps the Blind Chatelaine ... see.