Friday, June 30, 2006


Blogger fixed the problem and has found most of my blogs! It apparently was a techie vs conspiracy/stalker issue. (All blogs should be back online by end of the day, except for the old Hay(na)ku Blog which a spammer had gotten; pls note the link to new Hay(na)ku Blog here). In any event, I and the poker-playing angels will nonetheless continue to blather our love at y'all from this blog...though the ever-beloved CHATELAINE'S POETICS is now back online.

So, looking back at the CHATELAINE'S POETICS, I just want to repeat, though, one of its recent post below as it may not have gotten sufficient attention due to the blog problem, to wit:


As of this writing, if all of the commitments pan out, the next issue of Galatea Resurrects will contain new reviews of about 62 poetry publications/projects. Sure, it's possible that some reviewers may not be able to meet the deadline at the last minute (that's happened a couple of times for each of the last two issues), but that is still a hefty, number, don't you think?!!

62 new reviews compare impressively to 38 in Issue No. 2 and 27 in Issue No. 1.

And we still have plenty of time until the Submission Deadline of Aug. 5!

Whoo-hoo! And speaking of whooo-hoo!, just this morning I got an email from a poetry lover in New Mexico who sez: "...and I must admit I've purchased a couple books based on the reviews you've posted..."

Well now! I shall keep saying how fabulously amazed I am at all these poets and poet-critics volunteering their time -- is it the w(h)ine poured by Galatea (heh)?

Do feel free to join the party by checking out the contents of Moi Purse! That is, authors and publishers may wish to send review copies! I can tell you that of the 62 commitments for new reviews, 39 were generated by the list of review copies. So peeps are trawling through that site, folks.

And speaking of wine, and Moi am ever speaking of wine, remember that members of Oenophiles for Poetry will review the first four issues of Galatea and their favorite review, I mean, engagement will garner a bottle of wine for its author!

The best news about continously getting offers to review is that, obviously, people are reading Galatea's site!