Friday, June 30, 2006


Moi dear dear Mark writes:

I cannot see how Blogger, even with all its foibles, would selectively delete all your blogs at once. Sure you can delete individual blogs, deliberately or accidentally, but there seems to be no one screen or linkage that would take them all out at once.

...I arrive at the inescapable conclusion that somebody has logged into Blogger using yr name & password &, one by one, with malice aforethought, deleted each of your blogs.

& that horrifies me at a global level, & frightens me at a personal level, & causes me great grief at the specific level because of all the people I share this electronic world with,...

For Mark's entire missive, go here.

And to Mark -- yes, I did think of this possibility. I thought of this possibility because there's at least one person that I know of out there who's been e-stalking me. I accept such craziness with compassion. When deep in a wine cup, I even think it a perverse compliment -- that someone would care so much about a poet to spend much of his/her life focusing on me. So who's the victim here, Dear Stalker?

Because dear Stalker -- you cannot harm the Chatelaine.

And if, perchance, dear Stalker, you are noticing that things are going, um, awry in your life -- are you unhappier...more bitter....? -- perhaps it's because the Fallen Angels are on to you. For each attempt you make to harm the Chatelaine, it all goes back worse at you. The Chatelaine is *also* a poem, which is to say, also a mirror -- you will never see the Chatelaine, dear Stalker. Only yourself.

Thank you for your prayers, Mark. It helps and I thank you.

And dear Stalker, a P.S.: I forgive you ...