Friday, June 30, 2006


Thanks to all the support and love expressed for Moi's recent blog meltdown. As John backchanneled, however:

"...the story of Thomas Carlyle completing his [manuscript] of *The French Revolution* (a book so thick it makes your “brick” look like a pamphlet) and loaning it to John Stuart Mill....well, for some reason Mill’s housemaid tossed it into the fireplace, where the whole thing burned. Mill had to go tell Carlyle (that must have been fun!). So you know what Carlyle did? He wrote the whole thing over again! Somehow, I’m sure this setback won’t stop you any more than Carlyle was stopped – "

Whatever Carylyle can do, Moi can do...! And so here we are again in Galatea beaming lovingly at all of you! WELCOME!

I'm still working on updating various blog links. But please note that Galatea Resurrects is continuing its business here. And the brand-new HAY(NA)KU BLOG!!