Thursday, October 02, 2008


Well okay. An "IMPORTANT" message from Lulu this morning -- that be Lulu which is a popular printer and/or publisher tool for many indie/small press poetry publishers; here be the excerpt:
No one is immune to our current economy. With the rise in cost of raw materials, freight and shipping, we have had to make some pricing adjustments.

I dashed off an email for clarification and a request for bottom-line effects: (1) what's the publisher's take on books sold under the current vs new, economically-affected Lulu system (effective in late October); and (2) what's my publisher's inventory cost under the current vs new system.

Just another straw on the camel's back that is the poetry publisher. The brain starts getting twisted: e.g., Well, the less books you sell, the less able Lulu is able to pass on the increases in raw materials.... Bonkers, yah?