Wednesday, January 02, 2013


My New Year's Resolution is to spend more time cooking.  [PAUSE for snorts around the world at the news...]  So, yes, I decided to spend the first day of the year baking!  This is a BIG DEAL as the last time I baked desert, it was a different century.  Anyhoo...I naturally thought I shouldn't be overly ambitious and so try something simple.  I decided on what are also among my favorite cookies in the world:

     Mexican Wedding Cookies!

If you click on the link, you will see that, indeed, it is a very simple recipe.  Very.  Simple.

The Chatelaine, of course, needs a lot of work in the kitchen.  So, instead of creating this

she ended up creating this:

That's right, the dough didn't "ball" up!  It ended up flattening to be cookies!  I would later sprinkle the same white powdered sugar atop them but they still reflected flat earths instead of globes.

I was like, WTF (really: I was cussin')!  I mean, how can I possibly not end up with balls!

The hubby looked at the result and dubbed them

     "Mexican Engagement Cookies"

Fortunately for him, he ducked and missed the pot I threw at his head (just kidding).

Anyway, I showed a house guest -- who is very experienced in the kitchen -- the recipe and asked how I could possibly have messed up such a simple SIMPLE recipe.  She, too, was baffled!

Then she had the experience to ask, did you melt the butter first in the microwave?  Well, yes.  Because I took the butter from the freezer and so thought I'd soften them.  IS THAT NOT LOGICAL?!!!!  But Ah ha!  Apparently, melted vs. soft butter precludes the flour from being moldable into balls.

Really?  And I was supposed to know that, how?

Now, for any other year, I would have flung up my hands and thought, So much for that New Year Resolution!

But have no fear, Dear 9 billion Peeps, I shall try again with other recipes as the year unfolds.  Let us see just how many I can ... bastardize, I mean, poeticize...!