Thursday, December 27, 2012


I like the Holiday season.  It makes me feel, uh, festive.  And what makes me feel particularly festive are Christmas tree ornaments.  Since we already have a lot acquired over the years, we only get a few new ornaments each year.  This year, here's what we got:

A soccer ball  from the son's stocking:

A hummingbird banner the son brought back from his Nicaragua summer internship -- we have the fattest hummingbirds on Galatea's mountain because the hubby religiously subsidizes their diet with sugared water:

A rabbit corkscrew for the wine-loving hubby:

Because we're all Star Trek fans, a U.S.S. Enterprise spaceship with an audio of Star Trek's unforgettable theme song:

And the above were augmented by a Madonna and Child discovered in Mom's room:

and a number of bells like the one below from Lorma--thanks cousin!

Hope you enjoyed this mini-tour, which began and ends now with moi beloved son's soccer:


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