Sunday, December 23, 2012


If you come sit with me for a bit, I can tell you how to make a fullsome heart!

Speaking of El Hijo, I haven't bragged about him in a while.  Let Moi remedy such.  Here are images from his biology project this semester, a site survey of our very own Galatea! He surveyed the terrain, the deer, the rabbits, the foxes, the roads, the culverts, the trees, the flowers, the sunsets and sunrises...

(Click on images to enlarge)

He's spending the holiday break hanging out with friends, watching TV, doing more FBs than normally allowed, watching movies (we just saw "The Hobbit" -- that ending was cheesy!), and so on.  But he's also spending 4-5 hours a day everyday reviewing World History, from about 1400 to 1800, or from the Renaissance to Napoleon's time.  Yes, he's doing that voluntarily because he didn't take World History last semester and, I suspect, doesn't want to be behind when he picks it up next semester.  Being competitive has its advantages beyond the soccer field!  Love Moi Boy!  I'm sure you can tell!

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